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Mathematik / Mathematics  (First State Examination/ Extended Examination)

Program: Mathematik / Mathematics 
Degree: First State Examination
Program length: 9 semesters / 4.5 years (240 ECTS points)


The subject of "Mathematik/Mathematics" in the Teaching in Secondary Schools program is oriented based on the requirements of the practice of teaching Mathematics in secondary schools.

The program imparts the essential mindset of mathematics required for carrying out the teaching profession at secondary schools and teaches students to appropriately and concretely apply methods and processes of mathematics.

The university education focuses on subject-specific training in mathematics, supplemented by didactical preparation of mathematical subject content and its instruction.

The program qualifies students for academic work and for the socially responsible execution of the teaching profession based on the acquired expertise; that is, through knowledge, qualifications and perspectives.

The university education provides future teachers with professional qualifications in order to analyze, plan, design and reflect educational processes in mathematics teaching in schools.

Major topics

The "Mathematik/Mathematics" program imparts a solid foundation in the subject area and secure mastery of mathematical mindsets and approaches, particularly the skills to recognize and implement comprehensive perspectives, to independently become acquainted with new fields and to analyze mathematical content and textbooks in consideration of subject-specific and didactical viewpoints.

Instruction-related content is also covered in the program.

Furthermore, students become familiar with applications and effects of mathematics on non-mathematical disciplines.

In the didactical area, the program qualifies students to didactically prepare specialized content and imparts the methodology of teaching such content and knowledge of essential problems of explaining and understanding mathematical subject matter. Furthermore, historical developments and interactions with other sciences are examined in subject areas related to instruction.


The program serves for the acquisition of subject-specific and didactical competencies for teaching the subject of mathematics in the secondary school teacher training program.