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Physik / Physics (First State Examination / Extended Examination)

Program: Physik / Physics
Degree: First State Examination
Program length: 9 semesters / 4.5 years (240 ECTS points)


The study program of the "Physik / Physics" subject in the Teaching at Secondary Schools program is oriented based on the requirements of the practice of teaching Physics at secondary schools.

The program imparts the subject-related (functional and experimental) and teaching-related principles and special characteristics of the subject of Physics for exercising the teaching profession at secondary schools and collects initial experiences in practical instruction in schools, following academic instruction.

The program qualifies students for academic work and for the socially responsible execution of the teaching profession based on the acquired expertise; that is, through knowledge, qualifications and perspectives.

The university education prepares future teachers to critically examine acquired knowledge, to apply the media and methods suitable for teaching course content in the subject of Physics and to responsibly and conscientiously approach their role as disseminators of knowledge in Physics in our society.

Major topics

The content of the "Physik / Physics" program considers both the specialized science of Physics, with its work methods and various fields, as well as the current didactical theories on teaching Physics, and school-related training and trials in practice. Thematically, on the one hand, that encompasses "Physics" and, consequently, the following subject areas:

mechanics, electrical science, thermodynamics, optics and modern physics.

On the other hand, this is "didactics," with subject matter such as school-relevant experiments, course design in a didactical and methodological sense, and the didactical preparation of physics content for school.


Through this program you will obtain qualifications which you can apply to diverse academic and extracurricular fields of employment, particularly in preparation for teacher traineeship.

Of course, the teacher training program prepares you for the teacher traineeship, but there are also other paths open to you, such as a Master's program or Doctorate.