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Archäologische Wissenschaften / Archaeological Sciences (major subject in a combined bachelor’s degree)

Program: Archäologische Wissenschaften / Archaeological Science
Degree: depends on the major chosen
Program option: major subject in a combined bachelor's degree
Study model: combined bachelor's degree
Program length: 6/8 semesters / 3/4 years (180/ 210 ECTS points) (depending on the combination)
Start: Winter and Summer semesters 


Archaeology is divided into various individual disciplines. In the major subject “Archaeological Sciences”, you will receive a broad grounding in archaeology from the individual disciplines of prehistoric archaeology, classical archaeology, and Christian archaeology and Byzantine art history. In the process, you will acquire a well-founded methodological expertise in the various disciplines on a theoretical and practical level: for example on excursions or at an excavation. You will also gain a historical awareness and the ability to critically examine historical situations and to present and discuss your findings.


Internships will give you practical professional skills for archaeological occupations. The acquisition of methodological expertise will also open up opportunities for you to tap into other professional fields (modern communications, journalism, public relations, project management, culture management, tourism, publishing, adult education, etc.). At the same time, the solid specialist education provides the basis for advanced courses (e.g. the Master’s degrees "Prehistoric Archaeology / Geoarchaeology”, and “Classical Archaeology / Christian and Byzantine Archaeology”). A doctorate makes access to academic work possible.

The choice of your major subject will decisively shape your professional qualifications profile. In conjunction with one or two minor subjects, your relevant work experience (e.g. internships, part-time jobs, voluntary work) and your personal skills, it will enable you to refine your profile and carve out your own individual array of career options.