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Soziologie / Sociology (Bachelor of Arts)

Program: Soziologie / Sociology
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program length: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS points)

The Sociology Bachelor's program represents the first professionally qualifying degree with a sociological profile. It distinctly focuses on an education that qualifies students less as scientific mediators between research and practice, but rather more so as users of sociological and social sciences knowledge. Occupational relevance predominates here over scientific theory development or research.

The six-semester program comprises:

  • a fundamental sociological education;
  • qualification in sociological theories, which are taught with application relevance in specific occupational fields;
  • qualification for sociological analysis and processing of specific social problems and issues, as well as conflict analysis and conflict handling;
  • a major topic in practice-based methods training, which particularly meets the requirements of the job market in the field of specific, sought-after occupational fields in consulting roles, as an assistant, project manager or advisor;
  • international connectivity of the instruction content, which enables and encourages professional orientation beyond national borders.

Major topics

The major topics in the bachelor's program are in the fields of:

  • Sociological Theories,
  • Social Structure Analysis and
  • Theories and Methods of Empirical Social Research.


The Bachelor's program qualifies you for a variety of professional fields depending on your individual interest, major topic specialization and practical experience, such as:

  • Human resources planning and human resources and organizational development
  • Social research and market and opinion research
  • Journalism
  • Media and public relations work
  • Development policy and development collaboration,
  • Academic career in research and teaching through an MA program and a doctorate.

These professional fields can be found in the public and private sector, and in association work and in organizations of political, social and cultural interest representation. Depending on the degree, you can work in project planning and management, administration, research or consulting.