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Housing in Marburg

Exchange students, IUSP students, and ISP students are able to apply for a room in student housing when completing their application form for study at UMR. We highly recommend this option to students who are eligible, as finding private housing in Marburg can be challenging.

We have developed a brochure with information about how to find accommodation with many useful tips and tricks. This brochure is meant especially for the situation in Marburg.

Finding private housing

Finding housing in Marburg before you arrive in Germany can be a challenge, but we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Before beginning your search, read up on the different neighbourhoods in Marburg, their location in relation to the university, and so forth. We recommend the following websites:

You’ll find the best deals and flat offers when searching for housing at the end of the semester or during the semester breaks – check the academic calendar for details on dates.

Be flexible – having rigid criteria right from the start can make it very difficult to find a flat.

It is standard to pay a deposit to your landlord, usually in the amount of one to three months’ rent. Your deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your rental period provided you have not caused any damage to the flat.

Rent is usually presented in one of two ways: “cold rent” (Kaltmiete) or “warm rent” (Warmmiete). “Cold rent” is the monthly rent with nothing included: just the cost of the flat or room. “Warm rent” is the cost for rent plus included utilities (water, electricity, heating, and rubbish collection). In general, telephone, internet, and television costs are not included in either of these. When signing a tenancy agreement, make sure you know if the cost you are agreeing to is “cold” or “warm”.

Letting agencies in Marburg are also a good source for housing offers for longer-term stays. If you do rent from a letting agency, make sure to check if an administrative fee will be charged, as many require fees of up to two or three months’ “cold” rent. However, you should only pay this fee if you sign a tenancy agreement through the agency. You should never be charged for information on available flats, offer details, or flat viewings.

Flat listings in local newspapers:

Short-term stays

Further information and advice on finding a flat

For questions and assistance

If you have any trouble contacting a landlord or letting agency, we are always happy to help. Please contact us at the International Office:

International Office, Deutschhausstrasse 11-13, Foyer/"Untergeschoss" , office hours (Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00 am) or on appointment:


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