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Do you plan to eat in the university canteen or cafeteria on a regular basis? If so, we would recommend that you purchase a so-called Ucard. With this card, you can pay cashless in all of the canteens and cafeterias run by the Studentenwerk. Please bear in mind that there is a difference between canteens and cafeterias: The staff of the canteens will exclusively accept payments made via Ucard whereas in the cafeterias you are either allowed to pay cash or by means of a Ucard.

Against a refundable deposit of 5.00 € you can acquire a Ucard at the Info-Point of the Studentenhaus, which is situated in Erlenring 5 (on the ground floor) and which houses one of the big canteens.

In order to be able to pay with your Ucard, you have to charge your card with money. This is possible either in the above-mentioned Info-Point or by using one of the numerous card-charging machines which are to be found in the canteens and cafeterias.

By the way: The Ucard is more than a simple means of payment. You may also use it as reader’s ID card in the University library and as a copy card for the university photocopiers. If you wish to use your Ucard as a library card, please get it registered and activated for this purpose in the University library. If you participate in the orientation program, you will be given a Ucard charged with 5.00 € as a welcome gift.

Tip: On its front side, your Ucard carries an identification number. We strongly recommend that you note down this number: In case you lose your card, the Info-Point’s staff can get your Ucard and its assets blocked, thereby preventing misuse. On its back side, your Ucard has printed the reader’s identification number. Please write this number down, too, and get in touch with the University library in case of loss.

If you do not need your Ucard anymore, you have to hand it back to the Info-Point in order to get back your deposit. Please note that the deposit will only be returned to you if the card is intact.