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  • University Library (Universitätsbibliothek)

    The University library (Universitätsbibliothek, short “UB”) is situated next to the Philosophische Fakultät (Humanities/Liberal Arts Department, “Phil-Fak”). Its stock consists of approx. 1.9 million titles which are located in the central library building itself and in roughly 50 other libraries that belong to and are often directly situated at the departments and institutes.

    The University library’s opening hours are extensive and generous. Some of the central services offered by the UB can even be used outside the opening hours, in particular the online catalogues and the digital databases. Several computer rooms are at your disposal inside the University library.

    Universitätsbibliothek Marburg

    Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 4, 35039 Marburg

    Phone: 0 64 21 / 28 25130


    At the beginning of each semester, the UB offers introductory meetings and introduction workshops that will help you to learn how to use the library. We highly recommend that you attend the introductory meeting “Neu in der Bibliothek?” (“New at the library?”) – it is held every Wednesday afternoon at 2.15 p. m. You do not need to register in advance; just come and meet the library’s staff in the lobby of the UB.

    During this one-hour meeting, you will receive information about the different libraries at the University of Marburg and you will receive answers to questions such as:

    - where and how can I find a book or a journal?

    - where and how can I check out a book or a journal?

    - where and how can I copy, print, scan something?

    - where and how can I find literature about a specific subject?

    - where and how can I use literature databases?

    - where and how can I use the WWW-Information system of the UB?

    You will get an overview of all of the workshops offered by the UB on the library's website.

  • Departmental Libraries (Bereichsbibliotheken)

    Besides the central University library, there exist numerous departmental libraries whose inventories are specialized in the sense that they are geared to the academic, scientific fields of interests represented at the faculty in question.

    These libraries are organized as reference libraries, i.e., the open shelves are accessible to users, but the possibility of borrowing books and taking them home is very limited. You can get information about the library regulations at your department, e.g. at the Dean’s office (Dekanat).

    Check out this comprehensive listing of all department libraries!

  • Public Libraries

    Most places in Germany have a “Stadtbibliothek” or “Stadtbücherei”, local or municipal library. These are public libraries which are usually operated by the municipal or local authorities. They serve a general educational purpose, provide information and are a cultural facility for local residents. As a result, they cover a very broad spectrum of interest. Apart from specialist and non-fiction works they usually have a comprehensive collection of light reading as well as books for children and young people. They often also stock light reading in foreign languages. Most libraries lend films, CDs, DVDs and games as well as books and magazines. In order to use the library and borrow books and other media you will need a library card. You can register at the library by presenting your passport and proof that you are registered in the locality. Registration itself is free of charge; libraries often charge a modest fee for borrowing books and other media.

    Stadtbücherei Marburg

    Opening hours:

    Mo., Tu., Th. and Fr. 2:00 pm – 6.30 pm

    We. 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

    You can extend loans by telephone during opening hours by ringing: Tel.: 0 64 21 / 20 12 48

    Location: Ketzerbach 1, 35037 Marburg

    Visit the website!