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Doctors & Pharmacies

If you need to consult a doctor in Germany ask your friends  for recommendations. You will find a list of all the doctors, listed according to field of specialisation, in your local classified directory, “Gelbe Seiten” (Yellow Pages). It is often advisable to consult a general practitioner, known as a “Hausarzt”, who will transfer you to a specialist if necessary.

You should always ring the doctor’s surgery in advance to make an appointment. In case of accident or emergency you will be given an appointment immediately or on the same day. Otherwise you will probably have to wait a couple of days or even weeks for an appointment, particularly with dentists or specialists.

Opening hours at doctors’ surgeries vary considerably. At the weekends surgeries are usually shut but emergency and stand-by services are available at night and during the weekend.

Emergency Services

If you urgently need a doctor at night, during the weekend or on a public holiday, you will have to turn to the “ärztlicher Notdienst” or “ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst” (emergency  services). You can fi nd the telephone numbers in the column on the right or on the Internet. You can also ring a doctor: usually the answering machine will contain a message telling you which doctor is currently on stand-by duty.

Pharmacy Services

If you need medication at night or out of hours during the weekend you should enquire about the “Apotheken-Notdienst” (pharmacies that are open all night). You can discover which pharmacy is open all night on which specific day in the local daily newspaper or on the Internet. Furthermore, every pharmacy has a list on its door informing you which pharmacies are open through the night.

Emergency Services at night and weekends

Emergency doctor in Marburg: Erlenring 19, 35037 Marburg, Tel.: 0 64 21 / 92 47 47

Dental emergency service for Marburg town and area: Tel.: 0 64 28 / 44 63 44; 01805 / 60 70 11

All-night pharmacies: Find out which pharmacies in Marburg are open all night on this website

Poison emergency service for Marburg and Hessen: Tel.: 0 61 31 / 1 92 40

Emergency medical service: Universitätsklinikum Gießen and Marburg GmbH (University Hospital), Tel.: 0 64 21 / 58-6

Emergency numbers:

In case of accident or acute emergencies ring:

  • 112 (doctor and fire brigade)
  • 110 (police)

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