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Feedback Mechanism for Reporting Digital Accessibility Barriers

Have you encountered an accessibility barrier in one of our internet services that prevents you from using the service? Website with poor color contrast? Content can't be accessed via keyboard? Service not accessible with a screen reader?

To facilitate reporting such and similar problems to us the Digital Accessibility Network at the University of Marburg developed a concept for a central feedback mechanism. The feedback mechanism was tested as part of a pilot phase in key digital systems and is now being implemented into other web systems used at the University of Marburg. 

Users can access the feedback mechanism via the "Report barrier" link, which is usually located in the footer or in the navigation of the page. This link leads to a online form that can be used to report the barrier. If preferred, the report can also be submitted anonymously. The report will automatically be forwarded to the right contact person for the relevant service so that the accessibility barrier can be reviewed and, if possible, removed. Alternatively, barriers can still be reported by e-mail. The relevant e-mail address can also be found under the "Report barrier" link.

We would be pleased if you report accessibility barriers and thus help us to improve our services for all users.