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Intensive German - German Culture - Subject Courses

Since it is impossible to immerse one's self in another culture without knowing the language, Intensive German Language Courses are an integral part of the IUSP program. These German language courses encompass 120 contact hours and accommodate all levels of language proficiency, including beginner's level. Our goal is to enable you to pursue academic study in Germany while also making progress toward graduation at your home institution. You will also gain a deep understanding of another language and culture, an essential prerequisite for establishing personal ties. The intensive language courses will be held during the first six weeks of our program. During the semester, a German Conversation Class is also offered in order to provide you with additional opportunities to practice what you have learned.

The German Culture Class will also take place during the first six weeks of the program. The topics are split into four subject areas:
• Week 1: German Culture and Politics in Germany & the EU
• Week 2: German History & the German Education System
• Week 3: Religions in Germany
• Week 4: Integration and Inclusion in Germany

Our regular semester classes are part of the regular Marburg University curriculum as found in the University course catalogue. The IUSP courses are not focused on aspects related solely to Germany, but have an international focus. The IUSP courses maintain the highest academic standard.
A tutorial (obligatory!) will be offered with each course. It is always being held in English to help you with the material that was covered in class. Course and tutorial are one inseparable unit. You will be able to be tested and obtain credit in English.

The IUSP is a challenge! Within the German university system, students enjoy a relatively high degree of autonomy and at the same time they are expected to assume academic and organizational responsibility .