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After successful completion of your courses, you will receive an official Transcript of Records with details of your attendance, grades, and ECTS.   

During our Orientation program in April/October, a meeting with your faculty coordinator here at Marburg will also be organized.

Orientation Weeks Departments: Various Departments are offering subject-specific orientation weeks (so called "OEs"). We highly recommend attending those orientation weeks. There you can meet students online with whom you will study and receive important information about your subject.

Course List (Winter Semester 2023/2024)

02: Business and Economics:
Introduction to Institutional Economics

03: Social Sciences and Philosophy:
Erinnerung an den Zweiten Weltkrieg in Europa (class is suitable for BA students)
Memory of the Second World War in Europe (class is suitable for MA students)

05: Protestant Theology:
Aktuelle Forschungen zum Neuen Testament
Einführung in das Neue Testament und seine Umwelt
Das Markusevangelium

06: Archaeology and History:
          Ancient History
          Slander in Attic Oratory
          The Hellenistic Kingdoms and Rome
          History Didactics
          Reflecting on Nationalism and Staging of National Identities in Culture and Media
          Early Modern History
          Gender in Early Modern (International) Politics
          Classical Archaeology
          Roma imparatorluk kültü
          Roma imparatorluk kültü ile ilgili kutsal alan ve yapıları (Seminer)
          Late Modern History
          Introduction to Digital History: Methods and Tools
          History of Feminisms in the (Post)/Colonial Maghreb
          Mediaeval History
          The Evolution of Papal Primacy in Early Medieval Europe
          Hitit kültürü ve Hititlerin diğer uluslarla ilişkileri
          Hatti ve Erhitit Kültürü
          Economic and Social History
          „Winning Spectacular – Historical approaches to Speculation and Gambling from the 18th to the 20th Century”
          Christian Archaeology and History of Byzantine Art
          Hıristyan ve Bizans çağı tarihi ve sanatı
          Yan Öğretici Ders: Hıristyan ve Bizans Mimarısi

10: Foreign Languages and Cultures:
          American Studies
          Introduction to North American Studies
          Introduction to Disability Studies

          Romance Studies
          expression écrite B2.1 teaching language: French; asynchronous, final evaluation: synchronous
          expression écrite C1 teaching language: French; asynchronous, final evaluation: synchronous
          Français B1.1
          Übersetzungskritik und Übersetzungspraxis Spanisch-Deutsch (Traducción esp.>alem. B2-C1)

13: Physics:
Complex Neural Networks (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Computational Physics 1 (lecture + exercise course) - 6 ECTS
Fundamentals of Functional Materials (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Methods in Material Science 2 (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Semiconductor Optics 1 (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Each of these Physics classes consists of a lecture + seminar. Suitable for undergraduate students (Physics or related disciplines) in their 5th semester and above. 
Python 2 - Modern Statistical Methods for Scientists - 3 ECTS

19: Geography:
Raumordnung und Raumplanung
Seminar Raumordnung und Raumplanung
Empirische Sozialforschung
Sustainable Transformation of urban and rural spaces - 6 ECTS

Course lists from previous semesters

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