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After successful completion of your courses, you will receive an official Transcript of Records with details of your attendance, grades, and ECTS.   

During our Orientation program in April/October, a meeting with your faculty coordinator here at Marburg will also be organized.

Orientation Weeks Departments: Various Departments are offering subject-specific orientation weeks (so called "OEs"). We highly recommend attending those orientation weeks. There you can meet students online with whom you will study and receive important information about your subject.

Course List (Summer Semester 2024)

MO:VE German Language Courses

02: Business and Economics:
Introduction to Institutional Economics

03: Social Sciences and Philosophy:
Die Subversivität des Alltags in Diktaturen. Das Beispiel des real existierenden Sozialismus 

06: Archaeology and History:
Seminer: GIS-Programı ile Arkeolojide haritalama metotları. Tunç ve Demir Çağı buluntu yerlerinin coğrafi analizi.
Seminer: Geç Tunç Çağı‘nda Anadolu ve Komşu Bölgeleri
Seminer + yan öğretici ders: Roma sanatının dili 
Ikonografische Fotografien aus der Geschichte Israels. Eine Visual History.
Jihad and Crusade – Concepts of holy war in Islam and Christendom
Cultural Aspects of Antiquity
Introduction to Gender History

10: Foreign Languages and Cultures:
          American Studies
          “Remember the Ladies” 

12: Mathematics:
Characteristic Classes (class is only suitable for MA students)

13: Physics:
Computational Physics II (lecture + exercise) - 6 ECTS
Methods in Material Science 1 (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Neurons and Networks (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Semiconductor Optics II (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Solar Energy 2 (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Superconductivity (lecture + exercise) - 6 ECTS
Sustainability of Materials and Technologies (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Quantum Theory of Functional Materials (lecture + exercise) - 6 ECTS 
Selected Topics in Functional Materials 2 (lecture + seminar) - 6 ECTS
Each of these Physics classes consists of a lecture + seminar. Suitable for undergraduate students (Physics or related disciplines) in their 5th semester and above. 

19: Geography
Bodengeographie (class is suitable for BSc students) - class is held in German
Remote sensing: linking LiDAR and satellite data with machine learning (class is suitable for BSc students) - class is held in English
Umweltmodellierung - Upscaling biodiversity using LiDAR and hyperspectral remote sensing (class is suitable for MSc students) - class is held in English
Außerfachliche Kompetenz - Base R - no statistics, no fancy packages, just plain R (class is suitable for BSc and MSc students) - class is held in German
Climate Impact Research (class is suitable for MSc students) - class is held in English
Advanced Empirical Social Research Methods (class is suitable for MSc and BSc students) - class is held in English

Course lists from previous semesters

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