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Severe Forms of Violence

Assaults in which weapons and tools are used by the perpetrator as a means to injure the victim are among the most dangerous attacks that can occur in an everyday working environment. Within the meaning of the criminal code, these acts are dangerous personal injuries. It should be noted that the weapons used may also include items that are found in the office and are misappropriated for the criminal offense (such as scissors, staplers, hole punches and office chairs).

In the event of attacks with weapons, bomb threats, mass shootings or hostage situations, it is not appropriate for employees to take counteracting these threat situations into their own hands. Your own safety is the top priority! Do not put yourself in additional danger.

In serious emergency situations, the following rules of conduct apply:

  • Keep calm
  • If possible, escape from the area of danger/office
  • Use the marked escape routes
  • Get yourself and, if possible, other people to safety
  • Once you are safe, alert the police by calling 110
  • Wait for the emergency services to arrive, show them the way and inform them of the situation

The most important points with regard to protecting yourself and others in case of a terrorist attack or mass shooting at a glance: