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EStER - Empowerment Project for Students Experiencing Racism - Winter term 2023/ 24

Empowerment for Students with Experiences of Racism (EStER) is now in its fourth round! Once again this semester, we look forward to connecting, empowering, and mutually empowering BIPOC* students with one another. All BIPOC* students are welcome to participate in the EStER program. This precisely means all students ,,[...] who are descended (through one or more parents) from anywhere in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Indigenous Australia, the Americas, the Caribbean, the Indian Pacific, and Roma, Sinti (and) Travellers in origin. (This does not include descendants of Europeans:in who migrated to Africa, Asia, or the Americas for professional/colonial reasons, nor white European migrants:in).''* Participation is free and is intended to be particularly inclusive of queer*, dis_abled*, and BIPoC* with refugee stories*.

The background is brown. The logo of Philipps University of Marburg is set in white letters at the top center. Below is a sheet in dark green with the inscription "Empowerment for students with experiences of racism". In this sheet there are three fists in different colors and sizes. Underneath is in gold lettering ,,Winter semester 2023/24''.

Our goal is to create a safer space where we can address our desires, concerns and challenges in everyday university life without being judged. Your life realities and experiences are in focus, so you don't need any special prior knowledge.

Empowerment from an anti-racist perspective means that we question power structures and discrimination mechanisms, reflect on them and deconstruct them together.

EStER consists of several building blocks - Empowerment Workshop, Regulars' Table, Discourse and Community. You can find the most important building blocks explained in the overview below. The link for the call for proposals can be found here (PDF). The framework program consisting of an empowerment workshop, regular get-togethers, a scientific discussion on the topics of racism and decolonial critique (discourse) and events such as cultural evenings or picnics (community) will be organized by us in consultation with all participants. How many events you come to is of course up to you!

*From ,,Texte nach Hanau'', p.2, 2021.
*Queer does not function as a concept of identity in queer theory, but refers, among other things, to practices and social positions that question bisexual and heterosexual norms (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).
*The spelling dis_abled* (with underline) refers to being dis_abled by social barriers (Lummerding & Wiedmann, p.9, 2022).
*The term escape refers to the evasion of violence, which is mostly exercised or threatened for political, ethno-national, racist, gender-specific or religious reasons (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).

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Program during the summer term

The program consisting of workshops, round tables and community events is open to all students with experiences of racism. In the table you can see an overview of all events (times will be announced early).

Date Event
21.10.2023 - CNMS, Deutschhausstr 12 Room (01A24), 13:00-16:30 

Welcome Brunch 

Open to all interested BIPoC students

15.11.2023 - 16:30-19:30, More information about the venue will be sent, after registration to the following mail address:

Empowerment Poem Workshop 

Open to all interested BIPoC students

13.12. 2023 -  19:00, Trauma, Afföllerwiesen 3a, 35039 Marburg

BIPoC OpenMic

Open to the public (including white people)

02.02.2024 - 19:00, HLTM, Am Schwanhof 68, 35037 Marburg, Germany - This event is canceled!

Black Our*Story Month - Panel Queer(ness) is African.

Open to the public (including white people)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time at . We are also very happy to receive comments, feedback or ideas for further projects!