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IT security training

Robot in front of a smartboard
Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

We currently offer a diverse online training on the topic of IT security with easily consumable learning snippets, an exciting series and addictive mini-games in ILIAS.

With our learning snippets, you'll learn, among other things, what makes secure passwords stand out, how to recognize phishing links, and what are the secure alternatives to commonly used but privacy-sensitive tools.

In addition, you can take part in one of our regular online or face-to-face seminars. The training courses are regularly held in German, but can also be held in English on request. These take about 90 minutes, which you can use to arm yourself against attacks and dangers in our everyday work.

The next dates are:



You can also find these in the News section (Ger.) of our website.

We are happy to offer a customized online training for your colleagues. Simply contact us by e-mail and we will work together to develop concepts and ideas for your individual training needs.

The offer of the Staff Unit Information Security is aimed at all members of the Philipps-Universität who would like to increase their knowledge of dangers in the use of IT in the workplace and sharpen their senses.

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