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What to do in IT security incidents

Did some of the following happen to you?

Icon - A computer and a cell phone with a yellow warning triangle.
image: SIS

Malware on your device - Have you opened an attachment from an email or did you click on a link and realised that your pc, laptop or smartphone is doing strange things?

Icon - Two input fields for the user name and the corresponding password.
image: SIS

Phishing - Did you enter your username and password on a fake website that you accessed e.g. via a link in an email?

Icon - Two USB sticks.
image: SIS
Loss of storage media - Did you loose your USB stick or external hard disk on which confidential data such as passwords, exams, applications, grades, pay slips or research results are stored?

Icon - A person steals a cell phone.
image: SIS

Loss of devices - Did you loose a device (laptop, smartphone or PC) that you use for your work at university?

Icon - You can see a router and a radio antenna with a yellow warning triangle.
image: SIS

Sudden appearance of unknown devices - Have you seen a wifi router, a USB stick or other laptops in the premises you usually work in, that have not been there before and were not announced?

Then please follow these actions:

Immediately change your password of the affected account if you have entered it on a fake website! Afterwards:

Keep calm & report an IT security incident
Please contact your IT administration:

IT emergency phone number: 06421 28-28281

Be prepared for the following questions:

  • Who is reporting?
  • Which IT system is affected?
  • How did you work with the IT system?
  • What did you observe?
  • When did the event occur?
  • Where is the affected IT system located? (Building, room, workstation)
  • Do you have administrative rights to the affected IT system?

Behavioral instructions:

  • Stop further work on the IT system
  • Record observations
  • Initiate actions only according to instructions
  • Disconnect the computer from the network (Internet)

If you respond quickly, we can work together to protect our data and IT infrastructure. Your help protects you and us from major damage and has no consequences for you.

Download the flyer in different formats:

If you need the flyers in another format, please write us an e-mail.