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M|Marbacher Weg: Buildings and their users

Marbacher Weg is the traditional location of the Department of Pharmacy. Here tradition mixes with great names, one of the most famous of which is Emil von Behring, who received the first Nobel Prize in medicine in 1901. The Dean's Office of the Department of Pharmacy is now housed in the former Behring villa. Other buildings are home to the Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In spring 2022, the Dean's Office of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy and the Institute for Political Science moved into the listed building Ketzerbach 63 after a fundamental renovation.


Ketzerbach 63


Marbacher Weg 6


Marbacher Weg 10


Marbacher Weg 8

M|05 Behring Villa

Wilhelm-Roser-Straße 2