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The University of Universität Marburg does not have one central campus. Instead, there are two main locations, Campus Lahnberge and Campus Firmanei, and additional buildings spread throughout the city center. The Lahnberge campus is situated around three kilometers east of the city center and home primarily to the natural and life sciences. The University Clinic of Gießen and Marburg (UKGM) and a large portion of the Department of Medicine are also located atop the Lahnberge. The Campus Firmanei was created from 2013, located in direct proximity to the St. Elisabeth Church. Several former clinic buildings were converted there. Many institutes of the humanities that were previously housed in the high-rise buildings of the so-called PhilFak – Philosophische Fakultät, which is located next to the highway that runs through Marburg – have moved to the Campus Firmanei. The new main library forms the center of the Campus Firmanei.