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Current figures at a glance


Numbers Description
21,890 students enrolled as of the winter semester 2023-24 (first registration incl. students on leave and in preparatory courses), of which
12,794 female (58.4 %)
9,063 male (41.4 %)
19 other
14 no response
4,764 international students (21.8 %)
2.904 graduations in the 2022 examination year (winter semester 2021-22 and summer semester 2022, not including doctoral degrees)
404 conferral of doctoral degrees in the examination year 2022 

Degree Programs

Numbers Description
199 degree programs (winter semester 2023-24), of which
27 Bachelor‘s programs
72 Master‘s programs
8 continuing education Master's programs
1 “Magister“ program
21 teacher degree programs for “Teaching at secondary schools” (Lehramt an Gymnasien) 
4 “State Examinations” (Staatsexamen) programs
1 program with the degree “Ecclesiastical Examinations” (Kirchliches Examen)


(as of December 2023)

Numbers Description
14 Leibniz Prize Winners
7 Collaborative Research Centers /Transregios (CRC/TRR, UMR as head university or co-applicant)
9 DFG Research Groups (UMR as head university)
5 Research Training Groups (UMR as head university)
5 LOEWE Centers and Clusters (UMR as head university)
8 ERC-Grants
5 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (Postdoctoral Fellowships, Doctoral Networks, Staff Exchanges)
11 EU Collaborative Research Projects in Horizon 2020
7 EU Collaborative Research Project in Horizon Europe


Numbers Description
35 % international doctoral candidates in the winter semester 2023-24 
7.2 % completed doctoral degrees by international candidates in the academic year 2022
49 % students who earned their university entry qualification abroad among the first-year students in the academic year 2023
466 students abroad (study or internship) in the winter semester 2022-23
1635 international exchange students in the winter semester 2023-24
166 DAAD Scholarship recipients (not including doctoral candidates) in the academic year 2022, of which
53 are abroad (German scholarship recipients)
113 are from abroad (international scholarship recipients)
9 international degree programs in the academic year 2023
321 Partner Universities within the Erasmus+ Framework, with
1,294 mobilities via “Inter-Institutional Agreements” in the academic year 2023
129 bilateral agreements outside the Erasmus+ program in the academic year 2023
10 Humboldt Scholarship recipients in the academic year 2023
1 Humboldt Professorship started in the academic year 2021


(number of people as of December 2023)

Numbers Description
382 professors (incl. University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg, UKGM Dept. MR)
2,032 faculty (incl. professors, excl. UKGM)
1,917 staff (excl. UKGM)
352 part-time faculty 
3,999 total employees


  • 449.4 million € budget (2023), of which
  • 104.4 million € third-party funding, other research funding and own income


  • 16 departments
  • 12 research centers

The facts and figures are from the years 2021 to 2024.

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