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Eine algebraische Fläche vom Grad 6 (eine "Sextik"), die 65 Singularitäten besitzt.
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Main page gallery

Eine Ebene höher
Main page gallery Mehrzweckgebäude
The faculty is located in an undisturbed environment on the hills surrounding Marburg.
Main page gallery Blackboard
The blackboard is an important tool for teaching, even in the digital age.
Main page gallery Mathematical models
You can find the exhibits of the Collection of Mathematical Models throughout the whole building.
Main page gallery Student Advising
You are always welcome to contact our professors if you have study-related questions.
Main page gallery Library
The well-stocked library is located in the same building as the faculty.
Main page gallery Support
The studies at our faculty are characterized by their personal atmosphere.
Main page gallery Mehrzweckgebäude
Besides lecture rooms and the library, you can find a cafeteria and study rooms in the building.
Main page gallery Study groups
With a wide range of exercise classes and small working groups we can ensure good support for our students.
Main page gallery Library
You can find a lot of space for learning in the departmental library.
Main page gallery Lobby
Not only in the faculty's lobby you will find areas inviting you to stay.

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