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Eine algebraische Fläche vom Grad 6 (eine "Sextik"), die 65 Singularitäten besitzt.
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The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in Marburg benefits from the intense cooperation of these two disciplines, especially concerning the area of research. The quality of research becomes apparent in a wide range of national and international cooperations with partners from industry and science.

You can find further information on research activities at our faculty on the following webpages.


Research Groups

With its twelve professorships in mathematics and ten professorships in computer science the faculty covers a wide range of research areas. The research groups present their current research projects on their webpages.

Schloss Rauischolzhausen

Conferences and Workshops

The faculty is involved in the organization of many both national and international scientific conferences and workshops.



The faculty issues own research reports about both of its research disciplines at irregular intervals.

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