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Theoretical Semiconductor Physics Group

 Information for potential applicants


  • Bachelor/Master students

    If you wish to enter our group you should have a sound knowledge of all the topics listed here. Please contact Prof. S. W. Koch.

  • PhD students

    If you are interested in applying successfully for a position as a PhD-student in our group we advise you to consider the following points:

    1. You might wish to obtain some more detailed information about our scientific work. Click here to get a list of topics we require students to know, if they plan to enter our group as master students.
    2. In addition to that, PhD-students should have a sound knowledge of the material presented, for example, in the bookQuantum Theory of the Optical and Electronic Properties of Semiconductors by H. Haug und S.W. Koch, World Scientific.
    3. The list of our recent publications will give you a good overview over the problems we are currently interested in.
    4. If you feel that you are sufficiently prepared to enter our PhD-programme, send your application, including your c.v., list of publications, and detailed information on your diploma or master thesis to Prof. S. W. Koch.

    In case you are a suitable candidate for our programme you will most likely be invited for a short seminar talk.

    Provided we accept you as PhD-student in our group, we will organize some form of financial support for you.

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