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Dr. Sabrina Höbenreich

(geb. Sabrina Kille)


Dr. Sabrina Höbenreich

Fachbereich Chemie, Chemische Biologie
D-35043 Marburg

Raum 01/3320

Telefon (Office)

E-Mail :
sabrina.hoebenreich (at)





Research Interest

New Biocatalysis Tools for Synthesis, Halogenases, Oxidoreductases, Flavin and Iron-Depending Enzymes, Protein Engineering, Directed Evolution, Sequence-Structure-Function-Problem



PhD Thesis (on request)

Master Thesis (slots available)

Preferably Chemists or Biochemists.  Biologist need a proven strong background in (Bio)Chemistry or Analytics

please contact Dr. Sabrina Höbenreich via mail for more details

Research ID


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