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Theses in the Tonner group

10/2017 Lisa Pecher, PhD, “Adsorption Dynamics and Bonding Analysis of Organic Molecules on Silicon(001) Surfaces”
10/2017 Marius Herbold, M.Sc. thesis, “Ab initio investigations on Si/AlP and Si/GaP heterostructures”
03/2017 Jan-Niclas Luy, M.Sc. thesis, “Density functional studies of tetrapyrroles on Ag(111)”
03/2017 Fabian Pieck, M.Sc. thesis, “Quantenchemische Untersuchung zur Initialisierung des Lagenwachstums von Molybdänsulfid in der Atomlagendeposition”
11/2016 Phil Rosenow, PhD, “Atomic and electronic structure of complex 13/15-semiconductors and selected properties of further semiconductors”
07/2015 Marc Raupach, PhD, “Quantum chemical investigations of the chemical Bond on surfaces – Development und application of a Energy-Decomposition method” (in German)
07/2015 Andreas Stegmüller, PhD, “Computational Chemistry for the Description of Gallium Phosphide Epitaxy Growth”
09/2014 Lukas Trombach, M.Sc. thesis, “Comparison of anchor groups for phthalocyanines on titanium dioxide surfaces via density functional theory” (in German)
09/2014 Fabian Pieck, B.Sc. thesis, “EDA-NOCV Bonding analysis in ADF and ADF-Band – a comparison” (in German)
09/2014 Jan-Niclas Luy, B.Sc. thesis, “Bonding analysis of IBioxMe4-M(I) complexes with M = Rh, Ir” (in German)
09/2014 Konstantin Gaul, B.Sc. thesis, “Investigation of the chemical reactivity in the MOVPE process via quantum chemical methods” (in German)
12/2012 Christoph Schober, M.Sc. thesis, “Theoretical Investigation of the Adsorption of Ethyne and Cyclooctyne on the Si(001) surface” (in German)
06/2012 Martin Galbraith, M.Sc. thesis, “Investigation of the Electron Dynamics at the Interfaces PFP/Ag(111) and PTCDA/Ag(100) with Two Photon Photoemission and Density Functional Theory” in collaboration with Prof. Höfer, Department of Physics, Marburg (in German)
06/2012 Phil Rosenow, M.Sc. thesis, “Theoretical Investigations on the Adsorption of GaP Precursors on the Si(001)(2x1) Surface” (in German)

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