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M.Sc. Fabian Pieck

Room: 02/4420 – Phone: +49-6421-2826523 – eMail: pieck__at__students.uni-marburg.de


Field of activity

null   The topic of my research work is the growth of gallium phosphide (GaP) in the metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy. GaP is crucial for the functionalisation of silicon, because its lattice constant is similar to that of silicon. A layer of GaP on silicon is used as substrate to growth optical materials such as Ga(NAsP) with the smallest possible strain. The aim of my work is to understand the underlying chemical reactions of the precursors with and on the GaP(001) surface. This knowledge should help to accomplish the defect free growth of GaP and thereby the ideal basis for the functionalisation of silicon.

The elemental steps and the reaction network of different precursor, like GaH3, PH3, Ga(CH3)3, Ga(C2H5)3 or (C4H9)PH2, is studied by periodic Density Functional Theory. The growth of GaP on the GaP(001) surface serves as a model system in order to understand the fundamental parts of the reaction network such as the adsorption, diffusion and decomposition of the precursors. The understanding of the reactivity is completed by the bonding analysis of important structures.

This project is founded by the German Research Foundation and integrated in the research training group “Functionalisation of semiconductors” (GRK 1782). This research training group enables me to work in close collaboration with the experimental group of Prof. Dr. Kerstin Volz (Physics department).

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