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Study Programmes

 This department offers the possibility of studying chemistry either as a Diploma Student (graduate studies) or as a student of education in teachers training program (Lehramtsstudiengang). The student is entitled to get a degree Diplom-Chemiker after fulfilling the requirements of diploma (graduate) studies in chemistry. Generally, this is followed by the intensive research studies / thesis (Ph.D) in some relevant area of chemistry and lead to the title of Dr.rer.nat.

 According to the present plans, summer semester 2006 will be the last semester offering diploma studies in chemistry. Beginning winter semester 2006, the department will be switched to a new system offering Bachelors program in chemistry. The first masters program is expected to start in the winter semester 2009 / 2010 with the first batch of students finishing their Bachelors program.

 The students of teachers training program (Lehramtsstudiengang) have two options after successfully finishing their university examination. They can either join a school (Gymnasium) for second phase of their practical studies or can register themselves at the university for research program leading to the degree of Dr.rer.nat.

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