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ExclamationPlease note that, as a prerequisite for the successful completion of the subject classes, TWO field trips are obligatory, one of which is the three-day trip to Strasbourg. You may choose to attend Frankfurt or Kassel as a one day trip requirement. It is possible to participate in all three trips (at no extra cost).

July 29, 2017: F

This city encases a nice mix of German history within one of the largest financial and transportation cities in Europe.  Students will have a unique experience with guided tours of the Jewish Museum and St. Paul’s Church, learning about Germany’s impacting history and culture.  In addition, they will have a chance to view Frankfurt from a pleasant boat tour on the Main River, as it carves through Frankfurt’s parks and industrial centers.  Afterwards students will have free time to explore Frankfurt’s famous shopping centers and the rest of the city.

August 5 - August 7, 2017: STRASBOURG

This will be a three day trip into France, where students gain additional, diverse experience in another European culture.  On this trip students will visit the compound of the European Union (EU), learning about the history of the EU and where the EU Parliament currently meets.  To witness the deeply moving tragedies of the WWII, we will have the opportunity to experience the Concentration Camp “Le Struthof”.  Then, we will travel to the grand Mont St. Odile, standing 736 meters high with a monastery on top that is overlooking a breathtaking view of France’s rolling landscape.  During all of these tours and activities, we will be capturing glimpses of France’s history and one of a kind culture by also seeing the famous Cathedral Notre Dame and the stunning “Pasarelle des deux rives”, spanning the river Rhine.

August 12, 2017: KASSEL

With our trip to Kassel, we will visit the third biggest city in Hesse (after Frankfurt and Wiesbaden), located 100 km north of Marburg (about an hour train ride). In Kassel, we will have different sightseeing options. The Museum Palace Wilhelmshöhe is worth visiting to see the Baroque grounds (Staatspark Karlsaue), the Hercules Monument, and the 250 metre long cascade, which were created at the beginning of the 18th century.  Moreover, we will visit the Museum with its Old Masters Picture Gallery. The collection contains more than 1,200 paintings (about 450 are presented for visitors) and features European paintings from the Late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classic periods with a special focus on the Dutch and Flemish paintings of the 17th century. As a nice alternation to this we will have the special opportunity to visit DOCUMENTA, an international modern and contmeporary art exhibition, which takes places every 5 years. A relaxed way to bring our day to a close is promised by our visit to the Necropolis of Artists, which is close to the Museum Palace Wilhelmshöhe. The Necropolis was inspired by DOCUMENTA, as artists erect their own grave stones in their lifetimes and will also be buried there.

Program is subject to change without notice.

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