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Academic Program - ISU 2017

The core elements of the academic program of the ISU, mandatory to earn credits, contain the following:

1. German Language Course

German? Warum nicht! Start learning German from scratch, or improve the language competence that you have. At the ISU Marburg you will be joining a German intensive course, that will meet every morning from 9 till 11am. The language class will take place in small groups in classrooms and often beyond that, taking you to the streets of Marburg. Authentic language learning experience guaranteed!

Further information on German language course and sample syllabi.

2. Academic Seminars

The academic program for the Hessen International Summer University (ISU) Marburg 2016 was carefully designed and will be carried out by renowed academic staff from Marburg and from around the globe. The following eight seminars will be offered, two are included in the program fee. You decide whether you choose to concentrate on one of the modules, or combine the courses from various modules instead:


Seminar 1: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the Global Business Environment (Ass. Professor Dr. Marina-Selini Katsaiti)

Seminar 2: The MENA Region after the Arab Spring: Economic, Administrative and Managerial Challenges (Dr. Joachim Kolb)


Seminar 3: Geo-political Change and Easternization - What Prospects for a 'new' United Nations? (Dr. h. c. Hans-Christof von Sponeck)

Seminar 4: Beyond the Walls - The Palastine-Israel-Conflict in Film. (PD Dr. Maximiliane Jäger-Gogoll)


Seminar 5: After the Arab Spring: Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary Middle East. (Dr. James Devine)

Seminar 6: The Post-2011 Middle East Landscape: Governance Dilemmas and Social Challenges. (Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury)


Seminar 7: Immigration and the Refugee Movement as a Challenge for Contemporary German Studies. Concepts and Fictions. (Dr. Karin Yesilada)

Seminar 8 Social change and Political Conflict in Germany since 1945. (Dr. Peter Widmann)


3. Supplement course

The supplement course "German Politics and History" will provide additional insight into the topics discussed in the main seminar offerings. The workload of the supplement course will count towards the total ECTS - the attendance of the supplement course is obligatory. Two courses will be offered, you may choose one, depending on the individual schedule.

Supplement course syllabus

4. Field trips

More information on the ISU field trips destinations

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