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Cultural Program of the ISU 2013


In addition to the work in the classroom, we offer trips that are connected to the ISU's theme. As a prerequisite for the successful completion of the subject classes, these trips are partially obligatory.

Besides thematic city tours of Marburg and visits to the Jewish and the Islamic communities, we also lead the following excursions at no additional cost:

Frankfurt am Main

Tour from Frankfurt main station to and visit of the "Paulskirche", tour of the "Römer", "Kaiserdom" and "Eiserner Steg" (bridge over the river Main). Walk through the quarter Sachsenhausen and (optional) visit to an "Äppelwoi-Kneipe" (cider pub)                                                                                                                                

römer frankfurt 2011Bank of Europe Frankfurt    



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Visit of the commune in Niederkaufungen


Join us on the visit of the largest commune in Germany that has been at home in Niederkaufungen bei Kassel for the last 26 years. The commune is an alternative project of the left. 80 commune members live and work together, everything is co-owned, all decisions are taken in a consensual democracy and life and work are undevidable.






 For more information and more photos visit the website of the commune


Strasbourg, France

Tour of the town, including the cathedral, visit to the " Passerelle des deux rives", the Mont St. Odile in the Vosges mountains. Tour of the concentration camp Le Struthof.

drei-länder-brücke  europa strasbourg 




Updates for the ISU 2014 are coming soon!








Program is subject to change without notice.

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