12.08.2018 Call for Papers : Studies on Persianate Literature in India and Anatolia

2nd International Conference at the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Tehran: Studies on Persianate Literature in India and Anatolia, February 24 – 25, 2019

The Persian Academy (Farhangestan) together with the Department of Iranian Studies, Marburg University, announces the 2019 International Conference on literary studies, which will take place on February 24 and 25, 2019 in Tehran.

Following up on the 2017 conference on Indo-Persian studies, our 2nd jointly organized conference aims at bringing together scholars working across the broad field of literary studies related to the regions of the Indian subcontinent and Anatolia.

Although differing in many respects, the mentioned areas all used Persian as a medium for administrative and literary purposes at precise moments in history. Comparative studies can thus shed light on how specific notions of literary production were used in a certain time and region as part of the Persianate zone. We will deal with literary works from the ninth century to the early modern period up to the mid nineteenth century and the advent of the printing press.

Proposals may focus on any topic concerning literary studies such as:
- reflections on the notion of authorship
- redacting, editing, compiling, or commenting classical Persian texts
- intertextuality
- textual reuse (adaptation, imitation, creative plagiarism)
- translation studies
- production, distribution and reception of literature reading practices

Convenors: Prof Dr. Christoph Werner (Marburg University)
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Reza Nasiri (Academy of Persian Language and Literature)

Organizers: Dr. Anna Martin (Marburg University) and
Nasim Azimipour, M. A. (Academy of Persian Language and Literature)

Conference languages will be English and Persian.

Abstracts of 250 words in English or Persian (please indicate the language of presentation,
the title of the paper, your name, email, the name of your department and university)
should be sent to the following email address: anna.martin@uni-marburg.de

Submission deadline: September 28, 2018
Conference Venue: The Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Ketābkhāne-ye Mellī Blvd.,
after Metro station, Haqqānī Expressway, Tehran.