29.04.2019 Project for the DAAD German-Egyptian Progression Partnership Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace: Preservation, Education and Access

The Islamic Studies Department cordially invites you to attend the upcoming events under the project “ Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace”, sponsored by the DAAD German-Egyptian Progression Partnership.

The initiative for this project arises from the CNMS-Islamic Studies’ ambition for building an interdisciplinary and a more inclusive academic environment that guarantees and facilitates accessibility to research material for scholars, developing more effectual academic-curricula in Bibliothecography, Oriental Manuscripts, Digital Humanities, Arabic and Islamic studies. Moreover, presenting innovative techniques for the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage.

Five leading figures in cultural heritage, Bibliothecography and archaeology from the Fayoum University and key officials from the Egyptian State-Ministry of Culture have been invited to exchange knowledge on the theme and create future cooperation links/projects to benefit from the most recent digitization, cataloging, and archiving techniques utilized in German institutions.

1.        Prof. Dr. Heba Yousef, First Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Cultural Relationships.
2.        Prof. Dr. Hesham Azmi, Chairman of the Egyptian National Library and Archives, Dār ālkūtūb w ālwṯāʾīq.
3.        Dr. Ahmad Awad, Chairman of the General Commission for Cultural Palaces.
4.        Prof. Dr. Atef Mansour, Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology at Fayoum University, and the Chairman of the German-Egyptian Islamic Numismatics Center (Fayoum University/University of Tübingen).
5.        Prof. Dr. Muhammed Younis, Associate Professor of Islamic Archaeology, Fayoum University
1.        Prof. Dr. Albrecht Fuess, Program’s Supervisor, Head of the Islamic Studies Department at the Philipps-Universtät Marburg.
2.        Mrs. Hala Ghoname, Project’s Assistant and Ph.D. Candidate, Visual Culture- Islamic Studies Department at the Philipps-Universtät Marburg.

Event # 1:
An Open welcoming-session:  May 6, 2019
From 10-12
Room 00A09:
Centrum für Nah- und Mittelost-Studien (CNMS)
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Deutschhausstr. 12

Event #2:
A concluding Session with prior registration:
May 10th, 2019. at 16.30
Hosted by the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Berlin.
Stauffenbergstr. 6-7
10785 Berlin
May you wish to attend the concluding event at the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin, please contact Hala Ghoname hala.ghoname@staff.uni-marburg.de
The deadline for registration is May 3rd  2019.