09.10.2021 Transottomanica Conference "Translation und Transfer" October 6-8, 2021, Marburg

TRANSOTTOMANICA is a priority program (Schwerpunktprogramm) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Transottomanica title picture

Practices of translation between languages and the pragmatic transfer of translated texts into actual usage have emerged as the topic central to the majority of the sixteen research projects in the Transottomanica network. 

There are many aspects of the topic such as actual written translations in the Transottoman region and translators who earned their living through their expertise. Possible questions to be discussed at the conference include what functions these translations – full or partial, systematic or occasional – had and why people became translators with a broad or narrow functional focus. Within our Transottoman focus we are interested in multi-lingual brokers of languages who were negotiating and constituting the practical nodes of the shared social, commercial, diplomatic, political, or private worlds. 

The actual usage of translations by specialists in the military or administration, for example, but also in church structures or in everyday life, in general, constitutes a second main aspect of the planned conference. Here, themes around translated terminologies, genres, narratives, concepts, or individual books and their usage in a new linguistic environment become relevant.

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