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Facilitating Learning in Corporate Accelerator Programs

  • Tool focused Strategy-as-practice Perspective on Practices Enabling Incumbents' Explorative Learning in the Context of Corporate Accelerator Programs
  • Technological Change and Managerial Cognition
  • (Corporate) Accelerator Programs Designs
  • (Service) Design Thinking, Customer Development, Lean Startup and Business Model Generation / Value Proposition
  • Design Practices
  • Client-Consultant Relationships and Service Innovation (Management)
  • Knowledge Management in project-based organizations / consultancies
  • Innovative Business Models for sustainable and / or conservation oriented regional development
  • New frameworks and tools for Bioniers (=Bio+Pioniers) and Entrepreneurship Education

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Entrepreneurship and Management Skills

  • Yoman AbouOmar, M.Sc.
  • Building entrepreneurship and management skills for university graduates in Egypt