Theorieansätze & Analysefokus

Digitale Transformation im Gesundheitswesen

Tobias Schmidt-Logenthiran, M.Sc.

Facilitating Learning in Corporate Accelerator Programs

Dipl.-Geogr. Peter Süß

Dissertation Topic: Making Sense of Corporate Accelerators: Exploring Exploration in German Corporate Accelerator Programs

  • Associated research applies a tool focused strategy-as-practice perspective on practices enabling incumbents' explorative learning in the context of Corporate Accelerator Programs and connects to current discussions of organizational identity and prospective sensemaking.
  • Currently, the dissertation project focuses on the Intra-Face of a Corporate Accelerator Program and its sponsoring Legacy Company. In particular, a deeper understanding of the observable behavior of the Legacy Company Representatives and their learning processes is an objective of this subproject. Corporate Accelerator Programs create (virtual) socio-material settings in which situational learning can take place and where sensemaking practices constitute the explorative potential of Corporate Accelerator Programs.

Wirkung von Patenten im Pflanzenbau

Aylish Dietrich, M.Sc.

  • Welfare effects of intellectual property (IP) protection
    • Impact on various stakeholders (large agribusiness/chemical corporations, small and medium size plant breeders, farmers and consumers) of the emergence of patents on plant related products and technologies
  • Economic implication of overlapping IP protection mechanisms
    • Increasing overlap between plant variety protection and patents in the plant breeding sector
  • Economic impact of uncertainty in legal and regulatory frameworks
    • Evolving IP laws and health and safety regulations applicable to the plant breeding sector (patentability of plants & scope of GMO bans in Europe)
  • Innovation process implications of technological disruptions
    • Transition from conventional breeding methods to biotech powered breeding (e.g. mutagenesis, marker-assisted…)
    • New Breeding Techniques (NBT) impact on novel plant variety creations (major acceleration of the innovation process, changes in capital intensity & structural changes in relevant knowledge bases)
  • Economic impact of NBTs in the seed industry
    • Industry concentration issues, lowering of market entrance barriers, emergence of pure IP players in the field (e.g. biotech start-ups), new challenges regarding R&D ROI

Entrepreneurship and Management Skills

Yomna AbouOmar, M.Sc.

  • Corporate venturing, discussing the activities and characteristics of the concept within established companies providing new insights in both the academic and practical field
    • Heterogeneity and the strategic dimension of CV activities
    • Design of integrated accelerator programs and efficient knowledge transfer mechanisms

Organisationale Ambidextrie und Interkulturelles Management

Lucas Müller, M. Sc.

  • Ambidextriestrategien etablierter Organisationen im internationalen Vergleich
    • Einfluss nationaler Kultur auf die Wahl spezieller Ambidextrieformen