Discussion Papers on Statistics and Quantitative Methods

Coordination: Prof. Dr. K. Fleischer
Philipps-University Marburg
School of Business and Economics
Research group Statistics
Universitätsstraße 25, D-35037 Marburg

Aktuelle Beiträge / Recent Contributions

6 / 2017 Karl-Heinz Schild: Minimierung der Fahrtdauer von Elektrofahrzeugen mit Modellen der stochastischen Lagerhaltungstheorie.

5 / 2015 Karlheinz Fleischer & Heiko Groenitz: Statistical Matching for Complex Samples.

4 / 2014 Heiko Groenitz: Improvements and Extensions of the Item Count Technique.

3 / 2013 Karlheinz Fleischer: On Trim Loss Optimization for Circular Objects under Certain Constraints.

2 / 2013 Heiko Groenitz: A Covariate Nonrandomized Response Model for Multicategorical Sensitive Variables. 

1 / 2013 Heiko Groenitz: Using Prior Information in Privacy-Protecting Survey Designs for Categorical Sensitive Variables. 

Some of these discussion papers are additionally published in or submitted to a journal. The journal publication may be a revised version of the manuscript. Thus, it can differ in content and layout.