Successful studying – 7 techniques you can use to improve your academic grades

Fachübergreifende Studienkompetenzen und Orientierung für den Arbeitsmarkt – das bietet das ARIADNE-Programm des International Office speziell für internationale Studierende. Wir laden Sie herzlich zu diesem Workshop ein.


13. Dezember 2017 09:00 – 13. Dezember 2017 17:00

Deutschhausstraße 11+13, Raum 01.0030

Are you having trouble remembering long lists of facts, paragraphs and complex topics? Is it sometimes difficult for you to recall formulas, historical dates or foreign vocabulary? Is it hard to focus and acquire knowledge systematically? And do you sometimes get the impression that you have forgotten most of the subject matter only shortly after you have finished your test?

Throughout our student life the ability to acquire and retain knowledge is the basis for our academic success. In this interactive workshop you are going to learn how to improve your memory and increase your academic success through a variety of scientifically proven methods and techniques. Also you get the chance to apply different learning approaches to your subject matter and get to know tips on how to optimize your exam preparation.

Furthermore, we will cover popular topics such as the usefulness of identifying learning types, the mind palaces technique as well as the best tips on how to prepare for any test to permanently achieve your academic success.

(In English, language level minimum B1)

Anmeldefrist: 27. November

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Instructor: Stefan Burggraf


ARIADNE-Projekt des International Office