30.10.2023 The EU as a Global Governance Actor: New Cooperation Project in EU Peace

Foto: Colourbox.de

Felix Anderl and Christin Stühlen successfully participated in a small grant proposal in the context of the new transnational University initiative EU Peace: European University for Peace, Justice and Inclusive Societies. Felix Anderl and Christin Stühlen are Co-Principle Investigators on the project that is coordinated by leana Daniela Serban (Comillas Pontifical University)

The project will investigate how the EU acts externally as an actor in international politics, particularly global governance institutions. Recent developments have raised questions concerning the nascent geopolitical nature of the EU global presence. In this context, the project aims to analyse the evolving approaches of EU external policies dealing with emerging challenges such as climate change and the need for a green transition. To this, the project adds an understanding of recent inter-institutional dynamics with both the European Parliament and the European Commission trying to renew their understanding of the EU external actorness. Thus, the project looks at how the European Parliament stresses the need to keep promoting EU values, and the European Commission intends to renew its budgetary instruments, going beyond a geographical focus to account for the complexity of ongoing global debates on sustainability and development. This, in turn, provides the research team with an opportunity to understand the EU evolving actorness and its contribution to global governance efforts.

Coordinated by leana Daniela Serban, the project will be collectively pursued with Andrea Betti (Comillas Pontifical University), Emilie Chevalier (University of Limoges), and Donatella Maria Viola (University of Calabria). "The EU as a Global Governance Actor" will receive 15.000€, of which 5.000€ go to the Center for Conflict Studies.