Space in Peace and Conflict

F: Voell with material from by J. Blanken (Bunker) & Andypham3000 (Sky, Wiki Commons)

18-20 October 2018

The conference aims at discussing the emerging field of the spatialization of peace and conflict and asks which new insights can be gleaned by this spatial turn. It sets out to critically investigate how space, scale and sites can be conceptualised and analytically employed in the study of peace and conflict. It advances novel theoretical frameworks of peace and war geographies, in-depth case analysis as well as a cross-case comparative analysis that explore peace and violent conflict through spatial approaches, both empirically and theoretically.

18.-20.10.2018 | ProgramPoster | Report

Organisers: Alexandra Engelsdorfer, Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Stéphane Voell

The conference was supported by the Universitätsstiftung Marburg and the Ursula-Kuhlmann-Fonds