Societal Conflicts: Collective Action in an Unequal World

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Zentrumstage 2022 – July 14-16

Classical conflict theories often understand conflict as a universal feature of society. But there is variation. Over the last decades, in different countries and continents, we have seen a rise of societal conflicts, epitomized in a growing number of street-level collective action. At the same time, economists and social scientists have observed a fairly generalized increase in economic and concomitant political inequalities within societies. This begs the question of whether and how these trends are related. Does politics become more contentious when inequality increases? How does collective action unveil, contest, or even co-produce inequalities? What kind of inequalities are in the focus of collective action and which ones remain at different levels of conflict, and why? The Zentrumstage 2022 conference seeks to bring together scholars to study societal conflicts, and the roles that inequality and collective action play in them.

We are very pleased to announce that our Keynote Speakers for the conference will be Priska Daphi and Nils Weidmann.

For more details, please see our program and the conference report.

Registration was open until the 1st of July.

Organisers: Irem Aki, Felix Anderl, Astrid Juckenack, and Miquel Pellicer
The conference is financially supported by the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF).