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  • Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups
    • Consisting of 5 Junior and Senior Fellows, each with a different disciplinary background
    • Four-month long joint research stays at the MECAM site in Tunis
    • Publication of research results through a joint working paper

  • Traveling Academy
    • Consisting of the international scientific advisory board of MECAM and selected MECAM Fellows
    • 3 conferences in Sfax (Tunisia), Casablanca (Morocco) and Beirut (Lebanon)

  • Rencontres Ibn Khaldun
    • Central MECAM format for broader knowledge transfer and dialogue with a (non-)academic audience
    • 6 public discussions or cultural performances in Tunis

  • Young Talent Promotion
    • In the preliminary phase: Involvement of doctoral students and postdocs in the work of the Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups
    • In the main phase: academic workshops and summer schools for doctoral candidates