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Programme (final)

You find the whole programme as a PDF here.

14 November 2018

15:30 Arrival

16:00 Opening / Greetings: Stefan Weninger (Acting Director, CNMS Marburg)

16:30 Panel discussion: 100 Years of Re-configurations: Contextualizing the MENA-Region Globally and Historically [in German]

Chair: Chistoph Werner (UMR, Marburg)

Panelists: Eckart Conze (UMR, Marburg), Alexander Flores (HSB, Bremen), Heike Liebau (ZMO, Berlin), Rachid Ouaissa (UMR, Marburg)

18:30 Piano Concert by Aeham Ahmad

Introduction: Sihem Hamlaoui

19:30 Reception

15 November 2018

09:00 Introduction: Re‐Configurations, Connections, and Contexts

Rachid Ouaissa and Achim Rohde

09:30 Panel 1: Political Reconfigurations and Transitional Justice

Chair: Susanne Buckeley‐Zistel (UMR, Marburg)


Mariam Salehi (UMR, Marburg): Transitional Justice in Process: How Do Institutionalised Processes of Social and Political Change Interplay with Unintended Processes, Power Shifts, and Frictions?

Irene Weipert‐Fenner (HSFK, Frankfurt): Socioeconomic protests and incorporation crises in post‐revolutionary Egypt and Tunisia: A comparative analysis inspired by Latin American experiences

Laura Ruiz de Elvira (IRD, Marseille): From Local Revolutionary Action to Exiled Humanitarian Work. Activism in Local Social Networks in the Syrian Post-2011 Context (cancelled)

Anika Oettler (UMR, Marburg): What Peace and Transitional Justice in Colombia teach us about the MENA region

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Panel 2: Space. Transregional Ties and Translocal Movements

Chair: Manja Stephan‐Emmrich (HU Berlin)


Alena Strohmaier (META/UMR, Marburg): Counter‐Spaces in/of „the first Iranian Vampire Western“

Claudia Derichs (UMR, Marburg): Manifestations of TRANS‐MENA in Southeast Asia

Katrin Bromber (ZMO, Berlin): Spatial Re‐configuration of Progress: Physical Fitness and Nation Building in Ethiopia between the 1920s and 1980

Steffen Wippel (UMR, Marburg): Current Re‐configurations of Tangier (Morocco) from a Multiscale Spatial Perspective

14:00 Lunch break

15:00 Panel 3: Generation and Youth: MENA and Southern Europe

Chair : Malte Hagener (UMR, Marburg)


Dimitris Soudias (UMR, Marburg): Spatialising Subjectivity. Theoretical Considerations on Crises, Protest Camps and Transformative Experiences (cancelled)

Nina S. Studer (UB, Bern): Starting Early: Drinking Habits of Children and Adolescents in the Colonial Maghreb

Anne‐Linda Amira Augustin (UMR, Marburg): Intergenerational Resistance: The Transmission of a Counterhegemonic Narrative as an Everyday Form of Resistance in the South Arabian Independence Struggle (Southern Yemen)

Christoph Schwarz (UMR, Marburg): Youth and Generation: Political Temporalities in Protest Movements

Jamal Bahmad (MVU, Morocco): Youth, Social Media Activism and Citizen Cinema in Post‐Arab Spring Morocco (cancelled)

17:00 Coffee break

17:30 Roundtable Discussion: How global Were The 'Global Sixties'?

Chair: Benedikt Stuchtey (UMR, Marburg)

Panelists: Thorsten Bonacker (UMR, Marburg), Jens Hanssen (UT Toronto, Canada), Claudia Derichs (UMR, Marburg)

19:30 Dinner for invited conference participants

16 November 2018

09:00 Panel 4: Representation and Social (Dis)order

Chair: Hanna al‐Taher (SOAS, London)


Igor Johannsen (UMR, Marburg): Re‐Creating Resistance. Connective Marginalities and Contested Significations in/of the Middle Eastern Hip Hop Community

Jamie Furniss (UoE, Edinburgh): Al‐Ustura: Batal Sha’abi or Baltagi? Class and Contested Masculinity in Egypt

Ines Braune (UMR, Marburg): A Radical Approach to the City. Parkour in Morocco

Andrea Fischer‐Tahir (UMR, Marburg): The Survival of the Kurdish Chicken: Nationalist Discourse, Neoliberal Capitalism, and Consumption Practices in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Panel 5: Researching Crisis and War, Researching in Crisis and War

Chair: Perrine Lachenal (UMR, Marburg)


Mina Ibrahim (OIB, Beirut): De‐Victimising Emancipation: The Afterlife of Coptic Christians’ Crisis

Lamia Moghnieh (EUME Berlin): Ethnography, Violence and Knowledge Production in the Middle East

Ayse Cavdar (UMR, Marburg): Investigating Fear and Anxiety: The Reflexivity of the “Native” Researcher

Helena Nassif (OIB Beirut): To Fear and to Defy: Emotions in the Field

13:30 Lunch break

15:30 Panel 6: Reconfigurations of MENA Regional Sciences: Concepts, Challenges

Chair: Achim Rohde (AIWG, Frankfurt)


André Bank (GIGA, Hamburg): Comparative Area Studies in Theory and Practice

Sari Hanafi (AUB, Beirut): Social Sciences and Islamic Sciences: Mutual Ignorance or Competition? (cancelled)

Karima Direche (IRCM, Tunis): Observer une transition politique par un centre français à l'étranger. Le cas de l'IRMC à Tunis (cancelled)

Achim von Oppen (BAAAS, Bayreuth): Future Africa? Challenges of Temporality in the Area Studies

18:00 Wrap Up and Dinner

in the Building of the CNMS,
Deutschhausstrasse 12, Marburg