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  • Foto: Carmen Lienen.

Research Group Cohrs

Social psychological research examines how people perceive and understand their social environment, how they are influenced in their thinking, feeling and acting by others (e.g., by instructions or threats, peer pressure, norms and discourses in society). It also examines how people themselves exert social influence on others and - together with other people - can contribute to social change. In the social psychology group at the University of Marburg, we take into account that such phenomena not only reflect individual judgments and feelings, but are also influenced by memberships in social groups as well as social and cultural conditions and changes (e.g., diversity, globalization). Accordingly, we use theoretical concepts such as social identity, social representations, or narratives. On a methodological level, we use quantitative and qualitative as well as basic and applied approaches (e.g., evaluation research).

Our research focus can be assigned to three areas:

1) Conflicts and cooperation between social groups
2) Violence and violence prevention
3) Political judgment and action