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Equal Opportunities Committee: Members and Duties

The Equal Opportunities Committee is committed to ensure equal opportunities between women and men at the Department of Business and Economics at the Philipps University of Marburg.

The Equal Opportunities Committee defines and documents the equal opportunity strategy and instruments in the the Women's Advancement Plan, which has been adopted by the Faculty Council. In accordance with the plan’s formulated goals, the Committee promotes the development of concepts and measures contributing to equal opportunities and success of women.

The Equal Opportunities Committee sees itself as a working group and as a forum for gender equality. The Committee meetings, which usually take place once a semester, are public (see News). The School’s students and faculty members are cordially welcome to participate and contribute constructively.

Current members:

Professors: Prof. Dr. Vivien Procher; Prof. Dr. Marc Steffen Rapp
Assistants: M.Sc. Aylish Dietrich, M.Sc. Alexandra Hofmockel
Administrative and technical assistants: Inge Trinkl, Catrin Süssmann
Students: Hannah Müller, Till Nguyen, Laura Römer