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Letters of recommendation 

Here, you can find information about the possibility to achieve a letter of recommendation by the research group TIM, provided that you are qualified to do so. Your qualification results from the specific program requirements as well as the research group´s internal regulations. In the following, the research group´s regulations will be explained. The research group TIM assumes the comprehensive and independent research of your program-specific qualification.

In general, only students who have completed at least one course at the research group TIM with at least 12 points have the opportunity to issue a letter of recommendation or expert opinion. Master students in their first semester who did not attend a course at our research group during their bachelor's degree cannot be issued an expert opinion. Please contact a lecturer from your Bachelor's program for a letter of recommendation.

Please send your inquiries by email to the research group TIM (). Your request should contain the following information:

  • List of successfully attended lectures, tutorials and seminars from the research group TIM, including the staff of the research group who carried them out.
  • A brief description of the services you have provided in these courses and the examination formats you have completed
  • Your current ToR attached to the e-mail
  • Since many programs require a specifically structured letter of recommendation, please attach the official PDF document template (if available)
  • If this PDF document template requires information that is known to you (e.g. name, date of birth), you are required to enter this information in advance of sending it to us
  • Date by which the letter of recommendation must reach its addressee at the latest
  • Name of addressee of the letter of recommendation and his/her (e-mail) address
  • Name your program-specific contact at the Philipps University Marburg, in order to be able to clarify detailed questions

In case of rejection, the responsible employee will inform you immediately. If the information submitted by you is sufficient, the letter of recommendation will be issued within a short time period. Information on the processing status will be provided on request.