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Focus of analysis and theoretical approaches

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Tobias Schmidt-Logenthiran, M.Sc.

Facilitating Learning in Corporate Accelerator Programs

Dipl.-Geogr. Peter Süß

Dissertation Topic: Making Sense of Corporate Accelerators: Exploring Exploration in German Corporate Accelerator Programs

  • Corporate Accelerator programs create (virtual) socio-material settings in which situated learning can take place and in which sensemaking practices represent the explorative potential of Corporate Accelerator programs. The research associated with the PhD project focuses on practices that enable the explorative learning of established companies within the framework of Corporate Accelerator programs and combines the insights gained with current discussions about organizational identity and dynamic or explorative capabilities. Currently, the dissertation project focuses on the intra-face of a Corporate Accelerator program and its corporate sponsor. In particular, a deeper understanding of the observable behavior of the corporate representatives and their learning processes is a goal of this subproject.

The Economic Impact of the Legal and Regulatory Framework on Plant Innovations in Europe

Aylish Dietrich, M.Sc.

  • Welfare effects of intellectual property (IP) protection
    • Impact on various stakeholders (large agribusiness/chemical companies, small and medium size plant breeders, farmers and consumers) of the emergence of patents on plant-related inventions
  • Economic implications of overlapping IP protection mechanisms
    • Increasing overlap between plant variety protection and patents in the plant breeding sector
  • Economic impact of uncertainty in legal and regulatory frameworks
    • Evolving IP laws and health and safety regulations applicable to the plant breeding sector 
  • Innovation process implications of technological disruptions
    • Transition from conventional breeding methods to biotech powered breeding (e.g. mutagenesis, marker-assisted…)
    • New Breeding Techniques' (NBTs) impact on novel plant variety creations (major acceleration of the innovation process, changes in capital intensity and structural changes in relevant knowledge bases)
  • Economic impact of NBTs in the seed industry
    • Industry concentration issues, lowering of market entrance barriers, emergence of pure IP players in the field (e.g. biotech start-ups), new challenges regarding R&D and return on investment

Entrepreneurship and Management Skills

Yomna AbouOmar, M.Sc.

  • Corporate venturing, discussing the activities and characteristics of the concept within established companies providing new insights in both the academic and practical field
    • Heterogeneity and the strategic dimension of CV activities
    • Design of integrated accelerator programs and efficient knowledge transfer mechanisms

Organizational Ambidexterity and Intercultural Management

Lucas Müller, M. Sc.

  • Ambidexterity strategies of established organizations in an international comparison
    • Impact of national culture on the choice between different forms of ambidexterity