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Information for students minoring in business administration

In order to prevent uncertainties and to obtain a uniform structure, a regulation for students minoring subjects at the research group Technology and Innovation Management has been made with the Marburg School for Business and Economics:

A total of 18 ECTS points + 3 ECTS points (ABWL) must be earned in the course of majoring TIM. 9 points are grade-relevant and must be earned through participation in the seminar and a lecture/tutorial in one of the following five compulsory or optional courses:

  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (SMTI)
  • Innovation Management: Design Fields and Processes (IMGP)
  • Intellectual Property Management (IPM)
  • Service Management (DLIM)
  • Exercise SMTI or IMGP

The service is provided by written seminar, exercise or written examination.  

  • The remaining 9 points can be achieved by joining the lectures and exercises in the form of a "certificate of attendance". Each student is responsible to receive a signature for each attended course by the respective instructor
  • At least one lecture and one exercise must have been attended in order to participate a seminar.
  • Completion of ABWL by written examination is compulsory