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Information on Exams and on the Inspection

Written examinations

At the Research Group of Technology and Innovation Management, several hundred individual examinations are written per examination period in the bachelor's and master's degree programs and are then corrected and evaluated by the teaching staff. In order to answer a large number of frequently asked questions regarding examinations, you will find some important general information on these pages.

Short-Facts on Exams at the research group TIM

  • Information on the content of exams: Specific information on the content of the individual exams and the requirements placed on them (admissibility of answers in key points, etc.) will be discussed in detail in the respective courses towards the end of each semester. Please understand that we do not publish this information by e-mail, telephone or individually during our office hours.
  • Correction times: We make every effort to correct and evaluate examinations as quickly as possible. In addition, however, it is not possible to make exact forecasts regarding the publication of results for individual exam subjects (the TIM research group has the highest number of participants in all research groups at the Marburg School of Business and Economics (as of 2015)). Please refrain from such inquiries.
  • Pre-corrections: The performance of pre-corrections, i.e. the immediate and binding notification of the passing of a written examination, is only possible in a few absolute exceptional cases. Preliminary corrections must be applied for in advance in writing via the secretariat of the research group TIM ( (including justification and submission of corresponding evidence). Further information on requests for preliminary corrections can be found here.
  • Announcement of grades: The publication of the examination results will be announced on our homepage under the heading "News". The participants will then see their individual results in their credit account in the LSF/QIS portal. In addition, an overview of the individual results is usually uploaded to ILIAS in the corresponding event folder.
  •  Exam views: The dates as well as the registration modalities for exams will be announced within 1-2 days after publication of the exam results on our homepage under the heading "News". A central date to insight into the exam is offered for each examination date. You can find further information on exams here.

Insight into exams

After all examinations have been corrected and the grades have been sent to the examination office, you will be given the opportunity to inspect your examination. Please note that, for organizational reasons, the examination can only be inspected on the communicated inspection dates after prior registration. You will find the dates under News.

Registration for examination inspection

If you would like to inspect your written examination, please send an e-mail with the following information to the specified employee by the above-mentioned registration deadline at the latest.

  • Matriculation number
  • Module, e.g corporate management
  • Examination date, e.g. 2nd date summer term 2018

You will then receive an appointment 

Please show up on the inspection time assigned to you. The following information must also be observed:

  • Please bring your student ID and an official photo ID with you so that we can verify your identity
  • If you are personally unable to attend the inspection date, you can send a person equipped with a written power of attorney for inspection or attend a later inspection date yourself
  • Transcripts or copying/photographing the exam is also not permitted
  • The purpose of the examination is to check the exam itself and to check the correction. However, the examination date does not serve as a discussion platform - for reasons of equal opportunity alone.
  • Only comprehension questions are answered. A sample solution will not be provided. In principle, no new point distribution and no result correction will take place during the inspection.
  • The inspection and the claim of valuation errors must be carried out separately (written procedure). An objection to the valuation carried out must be justified informally in writing on a sheet of paper addressed to the auditor.
  • The assertion of valuation errors results in a total new revision of the exam. In the course of this, there is also the possibility that newly recognized evaluation errors lead to a subsequent degradation of the candidate´s exam.