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Information for Prospective Students

You are not afraid of numbers? You are interested in how companies make decisions and can you imagine working in corporate management yourself? Are you looking for a degree programme that offers you a wide range of career opportunities? A programme that conveys theoretical knowledge without losing sight of the practical reality of the working world and that offers a wide range of electives and opportunities for personal development? Then this 6-semester academically-based Bachelor of Science programme in Business Administration is just right for you!

In addition to academic guidance, the Bachelor programme also conveys practical skills and helps you to get started in your career. A wide range of electives and core areas in "Accounting & Finance", "Market-oriented Management" and "Information and Innovation Management" allow students to develop their own individual profiles.

  • Target Audience and Requirements

  • Curiosity, a spirit of discovery, perseverance, logical thinking, independence, self-discipline and a certain amount of organisational ability are qualities that successful candidates should have. In addition to a strong interest in the subject of business administration, there are also some formal requirements which applicants will have to meet. A university entrance qualification (typically a high school diploma) is required for acceptance into the Bachelor’s programme.

  • Practical Experience

  • Students will be taught extensive and detailed theoretical knowledge of economics with practical relevance, supplemented by interactive exercises based on case studies. Alongside your studies, you will make practical experiences: The Career Center helps students search for a suitable internship. In addition, the key qualifications module provides an opportunity to earn credits through practical work, e.g. by participating in the student council or through courses in soft skills. Motivated students are welcome to take part in one of the student initiatives and gain practical experience there.

  • Study Abroad

  • Whether Russia, South Africa, China, the US, Australia, or somewhat closer, like Spain, Turkey, England or Poland - the School of Business and Economics and Marburg University maintain numerous exchange programmes at universities both within and outside Europe.

  • Cost

  • No tuition is charged for the Bachelor's programme in Business Administration. Students are only required to pay a standard university semester fee, which includes a public transit pass.