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The Bachelor's programme in Business Administration is designed as a six-semester programme. Students earn a total of 180 credits. The fourth or fifth semester is set aside for the optional study abroad period. At the end of the programme, students prepare an independent bachelor thesis to demonstrate the subject-specific knowledge and methodological expertise they acquired.

The programme begins with an introductionary area (6 credits). Students are introduced to business administration issues and gain initial insight into academic questions and working methods.

In the mandatory basic modules (60 credits), students acquire a broad knowledge of the basics of business and economics. This knowledge and these skills lay the groundwork for successful completion of the in-depth modules and for the bachelor thesis at the end of the programme.

In the methods modules (24 credits), students learn the "tools" of business administration. This includes both learning the theoretical foundations of the methods and applying them in practice.

In the specialization area (24 credits), students choose one of the areas of "Accounting and Finance", "Market-Oriented Management" and "Information and Innovation Management". 

In addition, choose one or more of the elective areas "Business Administration", "Economics", "Complementary Subjects", "Project Studies" (all 0-54 credits) or "Abroad" (0-30 credits):

  • The elective business administration enables students to deepen their business administration knowledge. Either a specialization can take place by choosing further modules from the focus or diversification by choosing modules from the other two focus areas.
  • The project study elective area gives students the ability to get to know, structure and solve a larger project independently.
  • The compulsory elective area of ​​economics enables students to build up specific economic competencies to an extent that enables access to master's courses with a focus on economics or even master's courses in economics.
  • The international elective area provides students with business administration skills that are acquired at universities abroad.
  • The compulsory elective area of ​​complementary subject sciences aims to give students the ability to link business administration content with questions and methods from
    Communicate neighboring disciplines. While the key qualifications module focuses on the reflective and targeted acquisition of soft skills, the interdisciplinary modules are intended to strengthen the students' ability to use problem-solving skills from other subject cultures.

The programme concludes with preparation of the bachelor thesis.