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International Orientation

Numerous Master's degree courses are offered in English

Examples from the individual specialisation's include:

Semester Abroad

The School encourages students to study abroad as part of the degree. The 3rd semester is set aside for this purpose. Further information about the School’s attractive exchange programmes can be found here. The International Student Advisory Service can provide advice in this regard. In addition, students can easily earn credit for study abroad as part of the electives area "Wahlfplichtbereich Ausland". Coursework of up to 30 credits may be recognised here. 


When studying abroad, only credits earned in foreign Master’s programme courses will count towards the Master's degree. It is therefore advisable to set aside the key qualifications module, the interdisciplinary modules and the electives model for recognition of study abroad, since even courses at the Bachelor level can be counted in the interdisciplinary modules and the key qualifications module.