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Buddy Program

We all know, that studying is not so easy in times of the pandemic. I guess you all had great plans for your stay in Marburg, were excited to meet new people and now everything turns out completely different than expected. Of course, the university is doing their best to ensure an interesting semester.

But where to meet new people in times of lockdown, social distancing and online-teaching? Where to get help if you have questions concerning the courses or other practical questions of everyday life? What is a study worth, when you have no chance to meet students from Marburg?

Therefore, we started a so called "Buddy-Program" at the Department of Social Sciences&Philosophy. The idea is to get each of you in contact with one "regular" student from Marburg, your "Buddy". All of those students are very much interested in getting to know you for a lot of reasons. Some of them are prospective Erasmus students, some are interested in practicing language skills and others want to make new friends.

The idea here is that once you are in contact with each other via email, phone, chat or videocall, the buddies from Marburg will try to help you out when you are having problems with the online-courses, directions for seminar rooms or any other question. But you are not limited to that, why don't you start a language tandem or play computer games online together, exchange recipes...Whatever you and your buddy are interested in.

If you are interested in meeting students from Marburg, just send an email to