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Buddy Program

We all know that moving to a new country, arriving at a new university, settling in a new city is not always easy. You face small and big challenges in everyday life, e.g. registering for classes and exams, finding the seminar rooms or borrowing a book from the library, which can make the start of a semester abroad a bit bumpy. Although these are certainly nonetheless valuable experiences that you can already look back on with a smile a few weeks later knowing one has mastered them, we want to support you in this.

Therefore, we started a so called "Buddy-Program" at the Department of Social Sciences & Philosophy. The idea is to get each of you in contact with one "regular" student from Marburg, your "Buddy". All of those students are very much interested in getting to know you for a lot of reasons. Some of them are prospective Erasmus students, some are interested in practicing language skills and others want to make new friends.

The idea here is that once you are in contact with each other via email, phone, chat or videocall, the buddies from Marburg will try to help you out when you are having problems with the registration for courses, directions for seminar rooms or any other question. But you are not limited to that, why don't you start a language tandem or play computer games online together, exchange recipes....? Whatever you and your buddy are interested in.

If you are interested in meeting students from Marburg, just send us an email (, indicating your name, study subject, home university.
We will then send you the contact details of your "Buddy". Those of you responding the fastest have the greatest chance to get a "Buddy"!