Matthias Kloft

Research Fellow

Contact information

+49 6421 28-23792 matthias.kloft@ 1 Gutenbergstraße 18
35032 Marburg
G|01 Institutsgebäude (Room: 01060 resp. +1060)



  • Publications

    Kloft, M., & Heck, D. W. (2024, June 4). Discriminant validity of interval response formats: Investigating the dimensional structure of interval widths.

    Grill, M., Kloft, M., Anhäuser, S., & Haberkamp, A. (2024). Evidence for non-linear extinction learning and no influence of intolerance of uncertainty: investigating US expectancies in a VR fear conditioning paradigm. OSF Preprint.

    Kloft, M., Snijder, J., & Heck, D. W. (2024). Measuring the variability of personality traits with interval responses: Psychometric properties of the dual-range slider response format. Behavior Research Methods.

    Kloft, M., Hartmann, R., Voss, A., & Heck, D. W. (2023). The Dirichlet Dual Response Model: An Item Response Model for Continuous Bounded Interval Responses. Psychometrika, 88(3), 888–916.

    Kirchner, L., Kloft, M., Arias Martín, B., Berg, M., Anjedanimoghadamaraghi, P., Schäfer, L., & Rief, W. (2023). Measuring dysfunctional interpersonal beliefs: validation of the Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions Scale among a heterogeneous German-speaking sample. BMC Psychiatry, 23(1), 702.

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